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2020 Awards


2020 Research Awards

The PA Research Foundation's annual Research Awards have been awarded to a total of 10 research projects at the PA Hospital Campus for the 2020 calendar year. Five research teams were awarded $100,000 in funding to support their first year of research and five research teams received continuation of funding from their 2019 project grant. In total, $1,000,000 has been awarded to innovative research projects and a further $350,000 in donor directed funding committed to additional research projects and initiatives in 2020 including the Dermatology Research Centre, Breast Cancer Institute and Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre Queensland.

The research grants were awarded to clinically led, collaborative teams in four specific research categories as directed by PARF donors. The donor directed model for distributing grants introduced in 2017 allows the funds to support the most innovative research projects focused on translation, leading to improved patient care in preferred areas. Research project applications were reviewed and ranked as part of the wider Metro South Health Research Support Scheme 2020 grant round. PARF would like to thank and acknowledge the MSH RSS team for their ongoing support and assistance with our Research Awards.

PARF would also like to acknowledge our donors, partners and supporters for enabling our distribution of funds.

2020 Funded projects

Other Cancer Project Award

Project: Cancer Evolution Biobank

Collaborative team: Prof A Barbour, Prof M Smithers, A/Prof V Atkinson, Dr L Aoude, Dr V Banazzi.

Other Health Project Award

Project: Testing a digital medication risk tool for early identification of patients at high risk of medication-related harm

Collaborative Team: A/Prof I Scott, M Barras, N Falconer, C Morris, C Snoswell, N Cottrell, A Abdel-Hafez

Cheryl Lynette Backwell Memorial Award

Project: A Telehealth Cancer-Related Fatigue Clinic Model for Cancer Survivors: A Pilot Randomised Controlled Trial (The TCRF Trial)

Collaborative Team: Dr R Ladwa, Prof R Chan, Ms E Pinkham, Dr B Brown, Prof S McPhail, Prof C Escalante, Dis Prof P Yates

In Vitro Technologies Award

Project: The development of a tumour GPS for head and neck cancer and lung cancer

Collaborative Team: Prof K O'Byrne, Dr A Kulasinghe, Dr C O'Leary, A/Prof C Punyadeera, Dr R Ladwa, I McPherson, P Davidson

Winifred Merle Allen Memorial Award

Continuation of PA Research Foundation funding:

Project: Towards improving outcomes that matter to people on haemodialysis (HD)

Collaborative Team: A Viecelli, D Johnson, C Hawley, V Oliver, R Morton

Donor Directed Bladder Cancer Award

Continuation of PA Research Foundation funding:

Project: Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative (QBCI)

Collaborative Team: I Vela, E Williams, A Tariq, M Trau, K O'Byrne, P Morrison, P Thomas, S Khan

Project Pink Breast Cancer Project Award

Project: Mammographic Density (MD) as a modifiable breast cancer risk factor and indicator of response to therapy

Collaborative Team: EW Thompson, T Lloyd, H Hugo, C Snell, K Momo, T Hickey, W Tilley, A Redfern, D Radisky, X Huang, T Blick

Project Pink Breast Cancer Project Award

Project: Increasing the number of breast cancer therapeutic antibody possibilities, patient choices and success rates

Collaborative Team: S Joseph, B Banushi, F Simpson, B Panizza, K Cuff, E Walpole

MANDATE Prostate Cancer Project Award

Project: A multifaceted precision approach to high risk prostate cancer

Collaborative Team: E Williams, I Vela, D Humacher, B Shepherd, K Miles, M Brown, N Boock, S Alinhezhad

MANDATE Prostate Cancer Project Award

Project: Clinical study to evaluate the impact of intensive physical training and structured exercise programs on cardiovascular health and penile erection in men with prostate cancer

Collaborative Team: A/Prof E Chung, Dr H Rhee, A McCarthy, S McAllister, Dr T Skinner, Prof J Coombes