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Leave us a gift in your will

Once you have provided for your loved ones, a gift to PA Research Foundation in your Will can make a real difference to improving health outcomes.



The PA Research Foundation relies solely on bequests and donations from the general public, the business community and the thousands of patients and their families who have benefited from outstanding medical treatment thanks to many years of successful research.

The first research project was funded by the Foundation in 1988 and, since then, we have raised and distributed millions of dollars to all kinds of projects that seek to find preventions, cures and treatments for diseases.

Help bring research to life

Having a Will helps set your mind at ease that you have taken care of your affairs. A Will states who will benefit from your estate and any bequests to charitable organisations such as the PA Research Foundation.

When making a Will, your first priority is to ensure that your Will reflects the way you want to look after your family and friends.

A bequest to the Foundation will enable you to join others in discovering diagnoses, treatments and cures for cancers, heart disease, spinal injury, diabetes and other diseases.

Whatever the size, every bequest to us is so important and can make a real difference, providing vital funding for future health and medical research discoveries.

Bequests present a unique opportunity for you to play a vital role in funding medical breakthroughs which will benefit future generations.

What can I give?

Bequests can be any gift or donation left in your Will.

You can give:

  • cash
  • property
  • shares
  • personal items
  • specified amount
  • percentage of money
  • specific asset from your estate
  • perpetual gift
  • residuary bequest

How do I leave a gift?

We are very grateful to those that generously remember us in their Will. After taking care of your loved ones, you can choose to leave a gift for a particular research area or allow us to allocate it where it is needed the most.

Contact your solicitor or the executer of your Will to let them know you would like to include the PA Research Foundation in your will.

Free Will Service

You can choose to update or write you Will yourself but often it is beneficial to have the services of a solicitor. If you are interested in leaving a gift to us for medical research, we can provide a Free Will Service where we meet the solicitor's fee for preparing your Will.

Contact Us

If you would like to discuss your options or interest in leaving a Bequest to the PA Research Foundation, or would like to find out about our Free Will Service, please call us for a confidential chat on 07 3176 2359 or email