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Breast Cancer Stories


Meet Jenny, a very special Project Pink fundraiser

Jenny Parsons has been fundraising for breast cancer research since 2011, two years before being diagnosed herself in October, 2013 which gave her even more motivation to champion the cause.

Jenny, a mum of three, felt a lump and didn't worry too much about it as she was very busy with her day-to-day life of looking after her kids and work commitments. It wasn't until she felt a second lump that she thought "oh, okay, I better go and get that checked."

After a whirlwind of appointments, biopsies and scans, Jenny was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 53. Jenny had no family history of the disease and went through feelings of shock upon her diagnosis. Being a positive person, and having three children who relied on her, Jenny remained upbeat about her situation and never let it take over her life; she did what she had to do.

"I remained positive during the breast cancer treatment and thought to myself 'it will be fine once I get over this hurdle', you have to try and remain as positive as possible," said Jenny.

Jenny had a mastectomy, six sessions of chemotherapy and radiation as part of her breast cancer treatment in 2013/14 before having reconstruction surgery. At the time of her diagnosis, Jenny was working at the ALH Venue, Redbank Plains Tavern, and continues to work there today. She had to take a few months off work during her chemotherapy treatment but highlighted how supportive Redbank Plains Tavern were during such a difficult time for her.

Every six-months Jenny has a routine check-up and still suffers from common side-effects as a result of her treatments and prescription drugs including Lymphedema and hair loss. Despite this, Jenny does not let this impact her life and she is focussed on putting her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment behind her.

Jenny loves focussing on fundraising now as it gives her something to take her mind off her own dealings with breast cancer whilst "raising much needed money for such an important cause."

"Fundraising is so important. As someone who has been diagnosed with breast cancer, I've seen first-hand where the money goes.

"The breast cancer research currently happening is amazing and needs more of our support," said Jenny.

Jenny's flagship event for Project Pink she champions each year is 'Jenny's Pink Project', a breakfast held at Redbank Plains Tavern. Last year's event raised over $7,000 for Project Pink – an amazing effort by Jenny and all the team at Redbank Plains Tavern involved!

We look forward to Jenny's fundraising event this year and thank her for all of her incredible support of Project Pink prior and post her breast cancer diagnosis. Jenny, you are an absolute inspiration. Project Pink is a fantastic way to bring people together to help champion the cause, flying the flag for breast cancer research to help give hope and support to patients, like Jenny, and their families living with breast cancer.

To host a fundraising event like 'Jenny's Pink Project' or to donate to life-saving breast cancer research, please follow the links below.

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