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Breast Cancer Stories


"I'm sorry Nyree, but you have breast cancer"

April Fool's Day 2011 was no joke for myself or my family. It was the day I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I was immediately referred to the PA Hospital where doctors discovered I had Triple Negative Breast Cancer.

When the doctor told me and my family that, ''things look grim'', I just fell apart. How could I leave my 11 and 14 year old daughters, what would my husband do, would he be ok?

Just as I was finishing my chemo treatment I was hospitalised with an infection.

I really thought I was in trouble now. I had fevers, I was weak due to the chemo. I just wasn't sure what was going to happen.

But somehow I managed to pull through and so began radiation therapy things started to improve for the first time and there was a glimmer of hope on the horizon.

It didn't last long… October 2012, I found a lump on the side of my neck.

I was diagnosed with HER 2 + with ER – and PR – components.

Research has discovered that when breast cancer returns it doesn't come back in its original form.

I was told to go home to my family and to prepare ourselves for the worst...

After more rounds of chemo in 2012 and 2013 I decided to get on with living. I have two daughters and a husband to live for. I went back to work and got busy getting better. I started to exercise, changed my eating habits, and started meditation.

Everything was going well and the scans were clear but 6 weeks later it came back. I just couldn't believe it.

I had tried everything, I had changed the way I live, I had used every single bit of positive thinking to pull through and again I felt like I had been defeated. This was my lowest point and I wasn't sure if I would make it. I felt like I had been beaten and the fight had left me.

I still had HER 2 + and so begun ANOTHER round of chemo in June 2013.

In March this year, scans revealed my results are stable but I will remain on treatment for the rest of my life.

As you read this I am actually waiting the results of my recent scans. I'm not sure what my future holds, but with your help you can change the future for other women and their families by supporting breast cancer research.

Research that will one day save the life of someone you know.

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