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Past Funding



Each year the PA Research Foundation jointly funds the PA Research Support Scheme. This scheme aims to award funding and provide people and project support to PAH Campus researchers across medical, allied health, nursing and basic/clinical fields who strive to translate research discoveries into improved health and medical outcomes.

The PA Research Support Scheme is a joint initiative funded by the PA Research Foundation (through generous donations from the public, donors, bequests and local businesses) and the PAH Private Practice Trust Fund.

Information regarding the opening, funding guideline and applications for the 2017 PA Research Support Scheme can be found here.

We are pleased to announce the following successful recipients of the 2014 PA Research Support Scheme. A total of $1.8 million in research grants has been awarded to over 20 researchers based at the PAH campus.

Congratulations to all the researchers who received grant funding. We look forward to following your journey on the road to finding better treatments and cures for some of today's biggest health challenges.


Cardiovascular Disease

Other Disease

A/Prof Andrew Barbour

Dr Philip Law

Prof Gerald Holtmann

Dr Catherine Barnett

Prof Michael Stowasser

Prof Mark Morrison

Dr Eloise Dray

A/Prof William Wang

Prof Bala Vankatesh

Dr Emma Finch

Dr Martin Wolley

Dr Bryan Hawarden

Respiratory Disease

Dr Graham Leggatt

Mental Health

Dr Janet Davies

Prof Colleen Nelson

Mr Paul Hickey

Prof Ken O'Byrne

A/Prof Pim Kuipers

Liver Disease

Dr Ben Panizza

Dr Aidan Woodward

Dr Iain Thomson

Healthy Ageing

Mr Romain Tropee

A/Prof Alexandra McCarthy

Health Services


Ms Ashley Cameron

Dr Moe Thuzar

For any enquiries regarding the PA Research Support Scheme, please contact:

Dr Megan Probyn, PA Research Grants Administration Officer


Tel: (07) 3443 8057