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Empowering patient voices

They are simple tool that costs less than $50, but they make the world of difference to hospital patients.

The PA Research Foundation recently supported the PA Hospital’s Speech Pathology team to help the PA patients who are unable to communicate verbally either temporarily or permanently by purchasing 20 Boogie Board Jot eWriters.

PA Hospital patient John Folley uses one of the newly acquired eWriters

The magnetic boards which have an LCD screen and a stylus which also doubles as a stand are ideal to help patients communicate with their treatment teams as the screen’s contents can be quickly erased with the touch of a button, allowing the patient to write something else and continue conversing.

Speech Pathologist Brooke Duggan said communication in hospitalised patients is essential to improve the quality and safety of health care.

“As speech pathologists, we know that a patient that is able to communicate in the health care setting particularly when they are critically unwell is crucial,” she said.

“Patient centred care requires high quality communication between the patient, their family and health care professionals. The inability of a patient to communicate in hospital, particularly in the critical care setting has been reported among the most negative hospital experience for patients.

“Without a voice, patients lose the ability to make choices and can leave them powerless and uninvolved in their care. The Boogie Boards allow patients without a voice (e.g., with a tracheostomy tube or hearing impaired) to be able to communicate with health care professionals and their family to have control, ask questions and be involved in their care.”

Brooke said the boards benefit patients in several wards and departments including the intensive care unit.

“The Boogie Boards are light and able to be cleaned and patients across the hospital can use them, but specifically they are great for patients with an altered airway or hearing loss that are unable to communicate verbally,” she said.

The Foundation first purchased eWriters in 2019 and PA Research Foundation Chief Executive Officer Damian Topp said the organisation more than happy to support the current purchase so additional patients could take advantage of the opportunity to play an active role in their own care.

“The Foundation exists to help fund not only vital medical research on the PA Hospital campus but enable support initiatives like this which help patients to have a better hospital experience and ideally get home sooner,” he said.

“We’re proud to work alongside our dedicated PA Hospital staff to deliver the very best patient care possible and we know patients will be able to use these devices now and for years to come.”

You can donate to support PA Hospital patients to get home sooner here.

26 November 2021
Category: News