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TRI Foundation - based at the home to the world's first cancer vaccine.

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Our Story

At the TRI Foundation, we dream of a world where global health issues, like cancer, have no place or purchase on our physical or emotional wellbeing. We are determined to confront global health challenges head-on by supporting innovative, translational research at the PA Hospital Campus.

The TRI Foundation supports a long history of making a difference through innovation. With a focus on cancer immunology and transplant medicine, we boast Australia's largest cancer clinical trial centre.

We work hand in hand with our community to provide funding for the resources and tools that our greatest minds need to find solutions that will improve the health of people worldwide – solutions such as the world's first cancer vaccine, Gardasil, which was co-developed at the PA Campus.

Home to more than 600 leading researchers at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) and as a national and global hub in the health sector, we pursue transformational research that has a real, tangible impact on people's day-to-day lives in a variety of ways.

We chase "big" ideas that are big in scale but resonate at the most personal, individual level to help people, families and entire communities live fuller, healthier lives.

Major breakthroughs require major risks, and they require the support and involvement of people who believe that innovation is vital. Working as one with our researchers, industry partners and the people impacted by health challenges—people everywhere, both patients and carers, family and friends—we can drive change and promote better health in our nation, region and the world.

Dream with us, help us deliver. Whether it is support through a community fundraiser, a donation or regular gift, be assured that you are helping to fund the next big medical breakthrough.

PA Research Foundation Strategic Plan 2012 - 2017
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