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Dry July

Why go Dry in July for the PA Hospital

Dry July is a highly important initiative for the PA Research Foundation as it allows us to raise vital funds to positively impact the care for cancer patients at the PA Hospital (PAH).

More than $230,000 has been raised to help people affected by cancer being treated at the PA.

Since first becoming a beneficiary of Dry July in 2013 more than $230,000 has been raised to help people affected by cancer being treated at the PA.

As a beneficiary of Dry July, the fundraising efforts of Dry July participants who choose to raise funds for us by abstaining from alcohol or other vices in July, are aimed at helping fund patient support initiatives and programs that make cancer patients’ time in hospital more comfortable and help them to experience improved health outcomes.

Dry July’s Impact

These funds have enabled us to install free high speed Wi-Fi for cancer patients facing long stays in hospital for treatment. High speed Wi-Fi allows cancer patients to stay in touch with family and friends and have an escape from their treatment and time in hospital through surfing the web and enjoying services like Netflix.

The PAH’s Radiation Oncology department have also purchased music devices and tablets, so patients undergoing treatment can choose their own music to help them feel more relaxed and conformable during treatment using funds raised through Dry July.

Dry July funds have also helped us to establish and expand the services offered by the PAH based Queensland Cancer Wellness Initiative (QCWI). The QCWI is a program that offers a range of programs in where people living with cancer and its ongoing impact are nurtured and empowered to access evidence-based support, at a time and place that works for individual needs.

All of the programs offered through the QCWI greatly improve patient experiences at the PAH and help those diagnosed with cancer to live as well as possible post diagnosis.

These services are a retreat for all people with cancer and their families and currently include activities such as:

  • cooking classes
  • physiotherapy & exercise wellness
  • massage & yoga
  • Lymphoedema treatment and support
  • leisure activities such as gaming consoles and movies which help take patients mind off the stress of cancer treatment
  • pet therapy
  • nutrition and dietary support
  • programs to counteract cancer related fatigue
  • social and emotional support

Go Dry in July and select Princess Alexandra Hospital as your beneficiary to help us raise vital funds to provide hope and support to people diagnosed with cancer.