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Project Pink Campaign

Fundraise or make a donation to empower researchers and clinicians at the PA Hospital to give hope to the 20,640+ Aussies facing a breast cancer diagnosis this year.

Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths in Australian women, with over 3,000 losing their life each year. You can help reduce these numbers by fundraising or making a donation . 

Project Pink isn’t just about raising funds for innovative research, but also encourages women to be proactive with their health, early detection is key to a more positive prognosis.


Since 2009, Australian Leisure and Hospitality Hotels (ALH) venues across Queensland have joined forces to raise funds for Project Pink.

ALH Hotels communities have contributed more than $3.6 million to breast cancer research which is an incredible achievement! 

Aveo communities support Project Pink each October during breast cancer awareness month, hosting a range of fundraising events and activities for residents and staff to enjoy.

Aveo Group have now raised over $1.2 million for breast cancer research since our partnership began in 2016. To raise such an amount of money in a short period of time is amazing and we cannot thank them enough.

Stellarossa stores across Queensland turn pink each October to support Project Pink.

This is the 7th year Stellarossa communities have banded together to raise funds for our breast cancer research teams, having donated over $91,500 to Project Pink

Triple Negative Breast Cancer

Dr Katherine Cuff and Dr Adrian Wiegmans are conducting a liquid biomarker study on triple negative breast cancer, a particularly aggressive sub-type of breast cancer that tends to occur in younger women.

Currently women with triple negative breast cancer can only be treated with surgery and chemotherapy and sadly treatment is unsuccessful for some patients. This new liquid biomarker study aims to uncover why those patients didn't respond to treatment, which could be a game changer for women with this type of breast cancer.

HER2 Positive Breast Cancer

The University of Queensland Diamantina Institute Simpson Lab team are working alongside Professor Walpole and Professor Lim on a safety trial for another aggressive type of breast cancer called HER2 positive which spreads faster than other breast cancers and can recur after treatment.

The team are working towards a large breast cancer trial in collaboration with the Kinghorn Cancer Centre and Garvan institute in Sydney involving 468 patients.

Their ultimate goal is to provide better treatment options for patients which actually stops the cancer from coming back after therapy.