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MANDATE 1,000 Push-ups in 10 Days Challenge

Will you muscle up for men’s health this August? 

1,000 Push-ups in 10 Days

Join thousands of others in Australia who are taking on the challenge this August to help fund our MANDATE prostate cancer research teams to improve the lives of Aussie blokes affected by prostate cancer.

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The MANDATE 1000 push-ups in 10 days challenge to support prostate cancer research and to get Aussie blokes to open up about their health.

Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of deaths in Aussie blokes, with over 3,000 losing their life each year. You can help reduce these numbers by taking part in this Facebook challenge.

MANDATE is a fundraising initiative of the PA Research Foundation based at the PA Hospital campus in Brisbane —home to world-class researchers and clinicians.

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Why be part of the MANDATE Push-ups Challenge?

Meet Des

 The funds you raise will support research and clinical trials to give people like Des more time with his loved ones. Des is proud to play a small part in the future of medical treatment - as will you!

Des was diagnosed with Stage 4 Prostate Cancer in late 2019, but thanks to the unique NINJA trial conducted by the PA Hospital’s Radiation Oncology Department, he is not only currently in the clear, but he also never missed a day of work through the whole process.

The NINJA (Novel Integration of new prostate radiation therapy schedules with adjuvant and androgen deprivation) trial involved the placement of small gold markers in Des’ prostate through day surgery. Markers which were then used to guide radiation therapy delivered in conjunction with hormone therapy to treat his cancer and stop its progress. 

“I wouldn’t be alive now without research. In the case of men, prostate cancer is the biggest killer for us. It’s such an easy fix to go and have your blood test and keep an eye on your PSA and with this technology it’s not a death sentence.”

Thank you for muscling up to support the 18,000+ Aussie blokes who are diagnosed with prostate cancer each year 💪 Together we can strong arm prostate cancer!

Our MANDATE team are here to help with challenge tips and fundraising resources, please get in touch with any questions on 07 3180 1840 or fundraising@pafoundation.org.au