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Patient support initiatives

A key goal of the PA Research Foundation is funding support initiatives and programs that advance patient care and make the lives of patients at the PA more comfortable.

Most notably we funded and supported the establishment of the PA Hospital based Queensland Cancer Wellness Initiative (QCWI). The QCWI is a range of services where people with cancer are nurtured and empowered to access evidence-based support at a time and place that works for individual needs.

Our programs are a retreat for all people with cancer and their families at the PA

These programs are a retreat for all people with cancer and their families at the PA, and currently includes access to activities such as cooking classes, yoga, gym, physiotherapy, massage, lymphoedema treatment and support, leisure activities such as gaming consoles and movies which help take patients mind off the stress of cancer treatment, pet therapy, nutrition and dietary support programs to counteract cancer related fatigue, social and emotional support and a virtual wellness portal.

Our ongoing commitment to progressing patient care at the PA campus has already included installing high speed Wi-Fi in three hospital departments for patients who spend significant amount of time in hospital to connect with family and friends and use the internet to access entertainment like Netflix.

We have also contributed funding towards the Geriatric and Rehabilitation Unit’s Community Garden so patients can have a quiet space to relax just metres from their hospital bed, purchased iPads and music devices for radiation therapy patients to choose their own music to help them relax during treatment, a gaming console and TV for the PA’s Leisure and Activity Maintenance Program and much more.