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As part of our vision of ‘Better health for all’, PA Research Foundation are advocates and supporters of staff education and training which contribute to better health outcomes for patients of the PA Hospital and beyond.

To this end we have committed to staff education and training being one of our core goals alongside support initiatives that advance patient care and transformational health research.

As well as funding several research fellowships, we are support four PA Hospital based clinicians and allied health practitioners to complete higher degree qualifications related to their health disciplines. Among the higher degree students we currently support include members of the PA’s Nutrition and Dietetics department and the PA based Centre for Functioning and Health research.

We can’t do this without donor support

Another intrinsic way we support staff to engage in education and improve their skills and knowledge for the benefit of their patients and wider medical research is through the facilitation and administration of medical conferences and courses. 

We have been a crucial partner in the staging of countless health related conferences and courses in areas as broad as head and neck cancer, mental health, cardiology, intensive care and anaesthetics, including the renowned annual Brisbane Cancer Conference which attracts health professionals from across Australia and the world.

Upcoming Conferences and Courses


Mind & Body Balance

21 October 2021

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Functional Neurological Disorder Symposium

13 November 2021

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PAnaesthesia: An Aesthetic Anaesthetic

13 November 2021

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Brisbane Cancer Conference

25 November 2021

2021 Program

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Acoustic Neuroma Conference

26 February 2022

2022 Program

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