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Endowment Campaign

An exciting initiative to fund and retain the best research minds for the benefit of us all! Since it was established in 1984, the PA Research Foundation has invested more than $20 million in research and funded the early work of researchers that has led to some truly ground breaking discoveries and the next could be just around the corner.

As the philanthropic arm of the PA Hospital (Queensland's leading research hospital and largest clinical trials' centre) and affiliated universities, the Foundation funds 'world class' research into deadly and debilitating diseases from cancer, heart disease and diabetes, to liver disease, arthritis and kidney/renal disease.

The Foundation funds both long-established medical researchers as well as bright young researchers establishing new pathways to discovery. Often, it is the only source of funding for up and coming medical researchers who have yet to establish their scientific credentials in their chosen research field.

Equally as often, it is the only source of funding for promising 'pilot' research projects which, otherwise may never have the opportunity to come to fruition.

Medical research that shows exciting potential should not be halted prematurely because of insufficient funding.

The PA Research Foundation is establishing The Centre for Health and Medical Discoveries Endowment Fund that will continue to support, secure and grow critical medical research funding immediately…and well beyond our lifetime.

Just as the work of its research teams grows exponentially year after year, the Foundation's new Fund will yield perpetually growing income to underwrite research in the immediate future, and for generations to come.

QLD Head & Neck Cancer

PA Hospital is a site of world leading research to understand, prevent and ultimately cure head and neck cancers. The PA Research Foundation is leading the charge to support amazing medical research at the PA Hospital with the aim of making the next big discovery. Head and neck cancers are increasing in incidence in Australia and are considered extremely difficult to treat and lead to complicated initial and on-going reconstructive surgeries.

The PA Hospital is a major national referral site for treating these cancers. A group of Queensland surgeons and scientists with the shared knowledge surrounding the severity of head and neck cancers collaborated to realise the need for a dedicated centre.

The Head and Neck Cancer Centre will enable better understanding, prevention, diagnosis and treatment of head and neck cancer in Australia. The Centre is one of only two in Australia. The Centre will provide prevention through education and training for surgeons, doctors, health professionals and scientists, vaccination against relevant viruses, early diagnosis and better management through accurate staging by MRI and CT scanning. Importantly, this will be a site of world leading research to understand, prevent and ultimately cure these invasive cancers.

The Centre will also be home to Queensland's first PET-MRI machine, giving doctors access to high-resolution imaging to better locate tumours and cancers. Your support of the PA Research Foundation's Head and Neck Cancer Research will make a significant impact in the treatment of these cancers. Your donation may be an investment in the health of someone you know and love.

Did you know that head and neck cancers have one of the lowest survival rates?

Cancer – 5 Year Survival Rate

Melanoma 91%

Breast 88%

Prostate 85%

Head and Neck Cancers 62%

"Cancer will touch all of us"

It is a statement that I thought was an over generalisation and nothing to be concerned about until it affected me. Since my diagnosis and treatment for throat cancer I now understand the impact the cancer can have on your life and those close to you.

Cancers of the head and neck are becoming more and more common in Australia and that is why a coordinated approach to improving diagnosis and treatment is critical.

The team associated with the Queensland Head and Neck Cancer Centre saved my life. I am honoured to be an Ambassador for their work and implore you to join me and show your support. Together we can make a difference.

Kenton Campbell,
CEO & Founder of Zarraffa's Coffee
PA Foundation Ambassador
Throat Cancer Survivor

"Research at the Queensland Head and Neck Centre will make a difference"

Amyloidosis Centre

For information about the Amyloidosis Centre click here