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Leon's fortunate twist of fate
​Without the PA Hospital, Hervey Bay's Leon Adams probably wouldn't be here today to tell his story of how he almost died doing something he loves.
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Behind the microscope: A/Prof Simpson
Meet the people behind the research at the PA Hospital, starting with P
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Robert's transplant journey
When Robert Bliss' health started deteriorating due to cirrhosis of the liver he 'fought like hell' so that at the age of 67 he could be accepted into the liver transplant program at the PA Hospital.
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Prof Panizza is a pioneer
By the time his career as a surgeon and researcher is over, PA Hospital (PAH) based Professor Benedict Panizza will have saved countless lives and been heavily involved in transforming medical practice, particularly as it relates to head and neck cancer.
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Join Team PARF in 2021
​Whether it's a marathon bike ride, 10,000 steps a day, or giving up a guilty pleasure, dozens of people a year help fund vital medical research by fundraising in their own ways as part of Team PARF.
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Fertilise for research
​It helps grow your plants and now it is helping to grow hope for people diagnosed with cancer and other serious diseases.
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Winifred's lasting legacy
As a close friend and loved one of Winifred Allen, Beryl Quayle takes comfort from knowing Winifred's gift in her will to the PA Research Foundation went to the research of PA Hospital kidney specialist Professor David Johnson.
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Helping people with schizophrenia
​For people who have schizophrenia, daily life can be tough as they battle with their condition; throw a cancer diagnosis into that situation and life becomes all the more harder.
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Supporting kidney transplant patients
​As a nephrologist at the PA Hospital (PAH), Dev Jegatheesan is driven by a desire to continue improving outcomes for kidney transplant patients.
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2020 Highlights
​Despite what has been a tough year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, PA Research Foundation continued to grow its impact in 2020
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Recycling to make a difference
​It's great for the environment and 10 cents at a time it's bringing hope to cancer patients.
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John’s gratitude for the PA
The last four years have been a rollercoaster ride for Hervey Bay father John Weiland. Not only did he manage to marry his wife, Monique, while awaiting a liver transplant, but in November 2019 he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma in his right tibia
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Robert & Janine's love for PA
As two of the PA Research Foundation’s biggest supporters, Robert and Janine Fiumara say championing the cause of the PA Hospital is something they simply love to do.
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Smiddy Fun Week a huge success
Smiddy Fun Week has been hailed a huge success after raising almost $30,000 for Skin Cancer Research in honour of PA Physiotherapist Adam Smiddy
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2021 PARF Research Awards
More than 1.4 million in research funding was awarded to 20 separate medical research projects at the PA Research Foundation research awards at the Metro South Health Research Support Scheme awards on 30 November.
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A world without melanoma
If we are to eradicate melanoma as one of the world's most devastating cancers and stop it taking thousands of lives every year, the crucial element in that mission is research.
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Mum of two thankful for the PA
Having lost her brother to cancer, Elaine Harriott was fearful when she learned she had a rare cancer known as Myxoid Liposarcoma, but the mum of two became determined to beat her diagnosis with the help of the PA Hospital.
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PAH doctor discovers paradigm shift 
Imagine you discovered a complete paradigm shift in the way a rare life-threatening condition could be treated but first, you had to convince your colleagues and your peers of its validity.
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Running to make a difference
In what will be his third year of raising money for skin cancer research, Rod Leeuwendal will run 50kms in 7 days as part of Smiddy Fun Week during skin cancer action week 15-21 November.
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Danica excited for first Smiddy
​The concept of Smiddy Fun Week, where participants can walk, run, swim or cycle at a time and place of their choosing during Skin Cancer Action Week means Danica Cossio can take part for the first time in a Smiddy event.
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Identifying Skin Cancer through AI
As a biostatistician, Dr Brigid Betz-Stablein's work for the University of Queensland's Dermatology Research Centre keeps her busy across multiple research projects as the DRC works towards its aim - a world without melanoma.
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​50km in 7 days for Kevin
After taking part in the Smiddy Fun Run for the last two years Gold Coast man Kevin Payne is looking forward to the challenge of Smiddy Fun Week.
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​Game changing melanoma research
As a clinical trial coordinator at the University of Queensland's Dermatology Research Centre (DRC), Kaitlin Nufer knows ongoing funding, such as the support the DRC receives from the PA Research Foundation, is vital to the success of their research.
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Smiddy Fun Week 2020 launches
​In its 14th year, the well-known Smiddy Fun Run which raises money for skin cancer research at the PA Hospital Campus will be transformed from a single fun run, to a week-long event, Smiddy Fun Week.
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Smiddy Committee excited for event
Smiddy Fun Run organising committee members and PA Hospital (PAH) staff members Angela O'Connor and Tony Pratt are excited to see how the first-ever Smiddy Fun Week will be received.
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Technology helps identify liver disease
Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease, a sleeping giant among the community, is already growing to epidemic proportions and will have major impacts on our health system without greater intervention.
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PA helps Val live a healthier life
​When Val Higgins was told by her doctors that the best option to address her alarmingly high blood pressure and hypertension was to remove a kidney,
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From patient to advocate
​Having had four melanomas in his life Rod Flude is keen to do whatever he can to advance the future of skin cancer diagnosis, treatments and research.
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PA's rising stars of Nephrology
​Meet Samuel Chan, Yeoungjee Cho, and Dev Jegatheesan, three rising stars of nephrology based at the PA Hospital whose work has the potential to help thousands of patients.
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Emergency Medicine Grants
​Emergency medicine at the PA Hospital and across Queensland will benefit from new novel research grants being offered by the PA Research Foundation.
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Liz's melanoma journey
​The last three years have been especially tough on Nanango's Elizabeth Moller, but thanks to Dr Michael Wagels and the PA Hospital, she is healthy and free of cancer.
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Bringing better skin health to all
Imagine the impact you could have in reducing rates of skin cancer if you could establish 15 VECTRA 360 3D Whole Body Imaging Systems in three states
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PA Giving Day 2020
​PA Hospital patients will benefit from over $653,000 raised by the PA Research Foundation through their second PA Giving Day
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Dry July 2020 campaign wrap
​A record number of people went Dry through July to raise vital funds for the cancer services unit at the PA Hospital (PAH)
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​PA Giving Day 2020 launches
With PA Giving Day 2020 taking place on 3 September, the PA Giving Day We're all 4 the Heroes campaign has officially launched, with the aim of raising $500,000 for the PA Hospital.
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Genetics and its role in melanoma risk
University of Queensland Dermatology Research Centre (DRC) researcher Dr Aideen McInerney-Leo is on a mission to raise awareness of the role genetics plays in melanoma risk.
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PARF helps drive kidney transplant success
​If you have kidney disease, and especially if you need a kidney transplant, the best place to be treated is at Brisbane's PA Hospital - home to the Queensland Kidney Transplant Service and the Australasian Kidney Trials Network.
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Mediterranean diet research at PAH
For medical researchers to bring their work to fruition sometimes they need to reach out to multiple sources before their work can be translated into a clinical setting, and ultimately help thousands of patients.
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Gardasil vaccine helps bring new research to life
​The cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil co-founded by Professor Ian Frazer at the PA Hospital (PAH) continues to not only save thousands of lives but also continues to contribute and shape further cancer research.
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Memorial garden raises funds for melanoma research
Just an hour and a half from Brisbane, you will find a garden that is making a difference in the quest to find a cure for melanoma.
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Towards a world without melanoma
University of Queensland Dermatology Research Centre and the PA Research Foundation – A decade of collaboration
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Ken Burston- Prostate Cancer CNC at PAH
With decades of experience in prostate cancer in multiple countries, PA Hospital and Prostate Cancer Australia Clinical Nurse Consultant Ken Burston
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Luke's Dry July mission
Having survived bowel cancer, Luke Cridland views Dry July as his way of giving back to those who cared for him.
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Spinal Injury Unit equipped with WiFi
Imagine your mind was your only real escape from the monotony of being stuck in a wheelchair or hospital bed for months on end,
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A trip ahead of the technology curve
Princess Alexandra Hospital (PAH) Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon Dr Michael Wagels’ work in 3D printed bone implants has
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Queenslanders support cancer patients
​Each year people from across Brisbane and Logan go without a drink through July to raise funds
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Improving outcomes for breast cancer patients
When breast cancer researcher Dr Shannon Joseph heads into work each day, she has one aim in mind - improving outcomes for people diagnosed with the disease.
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​Leukemia survivor wants you to go Dry this July
The care shown to Nguyen Thai Dang since he first came to the Princess Alexandra Hospital
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Help us expand the QCWI
There are many reasons to participate in Dry July, but what better reason than to support a program designed to
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A gift of thanks from Jimboomba patient
Jimboomba's Don Williams is so thankful for the ongoing care and support of the staff at the Home Training Haemodialysis Unit of the PA Hospital he gave them a stunning indigenous artwork which is now on the wall in the unit's reception area.
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Dry(ish) July launches at PAH
Dry July 2020 has launched, and PARF is calling for Queenslanders to go a little bit ‘Dryer’ this July
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Informing future research for kidney patients
For people who are on haemodialysis, going through their regular treatments three times a week is a slow, exhausting process,
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Patients benefit from high-speed WiFi
Imagine being stuck in the same place for three months, just as so many of us are at present due to COVID-19, but you have little to no internet.
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A new approach to bladder cancer research
For the Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative (QBCI), led by Dr Ian Vela and Associate Professor Elizabeth Williams, their bladder cancer research
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Community Garden at PAH
For patients at the Princess Alexandra Hospital's (PAH) Geriatric and Rehabilitation Unit (GARU),
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Breast cancer research leading the way
Most people know someone who has had an MRI, and nearly all women have had a mammogram, but the technology led by Dr Honor Hugo
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PARF deliver Easter surprise
Who doesn’t like a chocolate fix to help get you through a hard day’s work, especially at Easter.
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Research improving flu vaccine
What if you could find a way to improve the effectiveness of the flu vaccine in older and elderly Australians
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PARF Researcher Spotlight
Kidney disease is a common, progressive and debilitating condition, affecting 10% of Australians
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International Women's Day 2020
March 8 was International Women’s Day, and to mark the occasion PARF celebrated with
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New drug combination could improve cancer treatments
Associate Professor Fiona Simpson and her research team have identified a promising new drug
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HPV vaccine enters human trials
In a world first, human trials will commence for HPV related head and neck cancers
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Queensland Cancer Wellness Initiative launches
The PA Hospital based Queensland Cancer Wellness Initiative (QCWI) are proud launch the next major step in the rollout of their Cancer Wellness Program
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Join Team PARF in 2020
Team PARF, the Foundation’s online community fundraising platform, is preparing for another busy year,
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World Cancer Day 2020
February 4th marks World Cancer Day, and is recognised as a global uniting initiative to raise awareness,
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PARF commits $1.35 million to medical research
The PA Research Foundation’s 2020 Research Awards have been announced during the Metro South Health Support Scheme Research Awards Night on Tuesday November 19
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Aveo make pink a pretty colour again
Aveo communities around Australia have gone pink during October for Breast Cancer Awareness Month in support of Project Pink.
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Aveo goes pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
The PA Research Foundation's breast cancer campaign, Project Pink, returns to Aveo communities nationwide in October.
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PA Giving Day raises $850,000 for PA Hospital
The PA Research Foundation have celebrated raising an incredible $850,000 for their inaugural PA Giving Day, Give 4 Thanks, on Thursday September 12.
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ALH celebrates 10 years with Project Pink
Our Project Pink campaign has wrapped up for the celebratory 10th year in partnership with ALH Group
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MANDATE 2019 wraps up in AVC Venues
The PA Research Foundation’s MANDATE campaign took 90 Australian Venue Co (AVC) venues by storm again in 2019
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Dry July brings Cancer Wellness Initiative to life
The PA Research Foundation was proud to participate in Dry July again this year to help raise funds
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MANDATE Golf Day scores a hole in one for Men’s Health
The second annual MANDATE Golf Day took place on Wednesday July 24 in support of lifesaving prostate cancer research at the PA Hospital Campus
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Adam Gilchrist joins Team PARF as Bridge to Brisbane Ambassador
Australian Cricket legend Adam Gilchrist has joined Team PARF as an ambassador for the 2019 Bridge to Brisbane event
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MANDATE spreading men's health message in AVC Venues
MANDATE has been making its mark on Australian Venue Co Venues throughout June and July
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Cupcake Crayzee's High Tea
One of our longtime friends and fundraising champions, Tammy from Cupcake Crayzee, hosted a beautiful High Tea
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2020 Research Awards Open
Applications have now opened for the PA Research Foundation's Research Awards
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MANDATE Men's Health Breakfast 2019
The PA Research Foundation’s annual Men’s Health Week Breakfast in celebration of our MANDATE Men’s Health Campaign brought over 80 guests to the iconic Regatta Hotel
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QBCI team tackle bladder cancer
Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative, now in its second year, has been making leaps and strides in the fight against bladder cancer
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Project Pink set for 10th year with ALH Group
The PA Research Foundation’s Project Pink Campaign is set to join forces with Australian Leisure and Hospitality Group (ALH) again in 2019
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Prof Holtmann gives glimpse into research
Professor Holtmann is the lead researcher on a PARF funded project which is aiming to establish a microbiome
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International Women’s Day 2019
PA Research Foundation celebrates women in research on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019
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Join Team PARF in 2019
Your one-stop destination for all things fundraising
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International Women's Day 2019
Balance for better: Celebrating Women in the workplace at PAH
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Fiona Simpson committed to finding a cure
Doctor Fiona Simpson has dedicated her career to improving treatment
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Record funds committed to medical research
The PA Research Foundation held their second annual Research Awards on Tuesday 27 November
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3D Breast reconstruction project nearing human trials
After six years, the groundbreaking project is almost ready for the next stage and is set to revolutionize outcomes for women with breast cancer
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Smiddy Fun Run Wrap-up 2018
Runners took their places at the start lines in the early hours of the morning of November 1 for the 12th annual Smiddy Fun Run for skin cancer research
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Project pink celebrates breast cancer awareness month in October
October is Breast Cancer awareness month and an important time to spotlight breast cancer and the efforts of Project Pink
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Duck Race 2018 – a quacking day raising funds for Cancer Research
It was great weather for ducks on Sunday 14 October for the PA Research Foundation’s Annual flagship event, Australia’s Biggest Duck Race for Cancer Research
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Top 5 Quacking Good Times at Duck Race!
The PA foundation's Duck Race for Cancer Research kicks off in just two days!
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Cervical Cancer predicted to be eliminated from Australia
New research reveals that cervical cancer is on track to be eliminated as a public health problem
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Community Garden Spring Appeal
The PA Foundation recently invited our donors to write messages of hope for visitors to our community garden here at the PA Hospital to read
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Queensland Bladder Cancer Initiative (QBCI) Consumer Forum
The QBCI is holding a Consumer Forum and invites all consumers, advocates and representatives to be involved on Thursday 1 November 2018
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Duck Race - One Month To Go!
Exactly one month today until Australia’s Biggest Duck Race for Cancer Research returns!
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ROPAH Guides App
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$1.5 million Gamma Knife Upgrade
Patient numbers to double thanks to Gamma Knife upgrade
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2019 Research Awards Open
The PA Research Foundation have opened applications for the 2019 Research Awards
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St. George Bank Home Buying Seminar
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The gift that keeps on giving
The latest breakthrough
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Dry July Funds New Patient Seating
Oncology outpatients receive 100 new ergonomic chairs thanks to Dry July
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Revolutionary 3D Breast Reconstruction Project
TEN Eyewitness News speak to Tammy-Lye James
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World-First Clinical Trial in the fight against head and neck cancer
Professors' Ian Frazer & Sandro Porceddu
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Breast Cancer Research World First as seen on Channel Ten
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Jewellery fundraiser a huge success
$8,694 donation from Australian Jewellery Liquidators
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Quackers' Buggy new owner!
Beach Buggy Raffle Winner
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Purchase your Entertainment Book now!
Buy before June 1 to receive even more offers!
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Jason's journey
Jason was just 44 when he was diagnosed with bladder cancer, a diagnosis that would change his life
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