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Research projects

An innovative research project at QEII Hospital will explore whether the use of virtual reality can help reduce anxiety for patients who present to the emergency department (ED).

Research projects

What if you could take a sense of the calmness of the outside with you when you’re in a loud and busy hospital department or common area? and would that then help your anxiety and levels of calm?

Patient stories

The Boughen’s lost their beloved family member Elizabeth, known as Lizzie, to a rare disease known as auto immune hepatitis in January. But from their pain and anguish they found a way to give hope to others who may suffer from the same or similar condit

Research projects

A new PA Hospital (PAH) study will aim to characterise the clinical features and management of anticholinergic delirium presentations and compare the toxicity of differing causative agents, to provide patients with the best health outcomes.

Cancer research helping COVID patients

Based at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) at the PA Hospital campus, Dr Philp is a lead researcher in the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre of Queensland's (APCRCQ) Adipokine research team. The team is looking at adipocytokines, hormones secreted from body fat tissue, and the role they play in cancer progression, to develop treatments for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

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