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We have a proud history of funding innovative medical research at the PA Hospital Campus. We dream of a world where global health issues, like cancer, have no place or purchase on our physical or emotional wellbeing.

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Robert's transplant journey

When Robert Bliss' health started deteriorating due to cirrhosis of the liver he 'fought like hell' so that at the age of 67 he could be accepted into the liver transplant program at the PA Hospital.

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Prof Panizza is a pioneer

By the time his career as a surgeon and researcher is over, PA Hospital (PAH) based Professor Benedict Panizza will have saved countless lives and been heavily involved in transforming medical practice, particularly as it relates to head and neck cancer.

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Join Team PARF in 2021

​Whether it's a marathon bike ride, 10,000 steps a day, or giving up a guilty pleasure, dozens of people a year help fund vital medical research by fundraising in their own ways as part of Team PARF.

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Winifred's lasting legacy

As a close friend and loved one of Winifred Allen, Beryl Quayle takes comfort from knowing Winifred's gift in her will to the PA Research Foundation went to the research of PA Hospital kidney specialist Professor David Johnson.

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