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The dedication of a group of amyloidosis patients, led by advocate Neil Gibson, has brought a game changing piece of equipment to the PA Hospital campus, with patients all over Australia set to benefit.

Patient stories

Cheryl Maltby never imagined pain in her stomach would lead to the shocking news she had breast cancer.

Research projects

With prostate cancer overtaking breast cancer as Australia’s most common cancer, the time has never been more critical to find treatment solutions for our nation’s men.


They are small enough to be attached to your keys via a key ring and have the potential to save thousands of lives, and they are called ‘Stop It’ and they are the brainchild of a PA Hospital renal nurse.

Cancer research helping COVID patients

Based at the Translational Research Institute (TRI) at the PA Hospital campus, Dr Philp is a lead researcher in the Australian Prostate Cancer Research Centre of Queensland's (APCRCQ) Adipokine research team. The team is looking at adipocytokines, hormones secreted from body fat tissue, and the role they play in cancer progression, to develop treatments for patients with advanced prostate cancer.

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